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If you’ve been applying for hundreds of acting jobs with little to no luck, it could be time to get an actor showreel for yourself.

Without a showreel, casting directors can’t see your work.


They receive hundreds to thousands of applications for each role and the easiest way for them to narrow down the list is to get rid of those who can’t show any examples of their acting abilities. If all you have are a few photos and some words, or a bad-quality, homemade video, then you will be one of the first to be rejected.

An acting showreel from scratch will help you show casting directors what you’re capable of and the type of characters you can play. We work closely with you from the start to decide on the best characters for you to play, and to display you in a range of performance styles.


What is a showreel and why do you need one?



A showreel is a video portfolio of an actor’s work and, nowadays, a good showreel is a fundamental tool for a serious actor.

Without it, you don’t exist: casting directors have thousands of applications for each role they cast, and shortlisting only the actors with showreels is the first thing they do to reduce the number.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough just to have a showreel. It has to be a great showreel, with professional footage that shows the best of what you can do.

Magazine Shot

Price List

5-scenes                        shot in 3 days          €1075

4-scenes                        shot in 2 1/2 days   €950

3-scene showreel             shot in 2 days          €650

2-scene showreel             shot in 1 day            €550

1 scene + showreel         shot in 1 day            €475 

Editing only.  Editing together a showreel from existing material €380


5-scenes shot in 2 days €899

Get in touch with us today for further information about getting your acting showreel. We have offices based in Galway and we work nationwide and abroad. Call +353 879481375 or email:

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