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Directed by Teresa Lavina 

Produced by Teresa Lavina and Gavin Lennon


‘Mincéir' is a very important and unique piece conveyed in the shape of a 55min documentary that will bring the audience onto a journey across the Irish traveller’s tradition their past traditions, present transitions and future views. It portrays how their culture has evolved through the collaborations of various members of the community from very different backgrounds.


About Micéir


The challenge of this documentary is to balance an accurate portrayal of Traveller life seen through the eyes of travellers and the necessary story elements needed to produce a great documentary and keep an audience engaged throughout. ‘Mincéir’ contributors tell  intimate secrets and stories about the Traveller traditions that have never been told before. The project will be an archive of information for future generations to access and this is a very important point for the Travellers mental health.  The documentary is driven by progressive, modern Traveller women and men that are a precedent for their community. It highlights how strong women are and have fought to follow their passions and become independent.


The documentary shows how the community’s resilience, adaptation skills and strength have carried them from being nomads to be settled. These members of the Traveller community share their passion for their culture, their art and how their uncomplicated means of living have made their tradition survive with very little records aside of word of mouth, singing and story telling. The Irish traveller community have a very important imprint in Irish history with a story to tell that evolved parallel to the settled community, a community that has endured a lot of harm caused by discrimination. It is very important to allow their stories to be told from their perspective without being colonised by a settled community voice and reach an international audience. ‘Mincéir’ will allow to carry their true stories not only to an Irish audience but also to an international one.


The content includes the contributions of many influential members of the Traveller community and groups which have helped highlighting their needs and give a voice to the voiceless. People and groups that have fought for years for Traveller rights, health and a better means of living. 

As part of the documentary we filmed a traditional wagon maker. This is a rare and very valuable contribution. We also filmed the oldest matchmaker  alive as well as the last two tinsmiths left in the community,  they kindly share their memories with the audience.


The film explores the craft of tin smithing and paper flower making, biddy pockets, tent making and music. We talk to healers and singers, actors and writers, ordinary members of the community, match makers and bread makers giving a full insight of the  Traveller community.


All these wonderful contributors will bring us to their bases in their picturesque locations across Ireland.


The documentary is delivered in English. ‘Mincéir’ brings together a diverse production team that will deliver this content being consistent with the very core of the piece, traveller well-being through art and cultures working together to create a top class 55 minute cultural stand alone documentary.


Seminci - 67th edition Valladolid (Spain) - Time in History Section

DIFF - Dublin International Film Festival - Official Selection

IFI International: Australia,  Ottawa, New Zealand

Untold Secrets

Directed by Teresa Lavina 

Produced by Teresa Lavina and Gavin Lennon


This feature documentary is a continuation of the multi-award winning short documentary “Bad Fruit, The Unheard Voice of the Tuam babies”.

Untold Secrets gives a detailed insight on the unheard stories of survivors of Irish Institutions focusing on the life and upbringing of one of those survivors; Anne Silke.

Silke was fostered out of the St. Mary, Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home in Tuam at the age of 9 to the Killileas, a prominent political family from Tuam in Galway, Ireland. Untold Secrets recounts her often brutal sexual and physical abuse at the hands of her foster brothers Jarlath Killilea and Mark Killilea Jr.(TD, Minister and MEP) the documentary also reveals never seen before interviews with fellow survivors and touches on the recently published commission of investigation report. Although Silke is now deceased the documentary gives a posthumous voice to Anne and possibly some closure to her family. 



World Premiere: Galway Film Fleadh Closing Film 2021

Derry-Gasyard Film Feile

Belfast-Docs Ireland

IFI International: San Francisco (chosen documentary) , Australia,  Luxembourg, Ottawa (Opening Film)

Seminci - 66th edition Valladolid (Best Documentary) - Time in History Section - Nomination Best Documentary,  opening film of the section.

Vancouver Independent film Festival - Best Social Justice Film

Toronto International Women Film Festival - Best Human Rights (Honourable Mention)

Irish Film Festival London

Africa Human Rights Festival

SLWF / Short Long World Festival - Argentina

Amsterdam International Film Festival - Best Female Filmmaker (Honourable Mention)

Palas Cinema Galway


As a company we like engaging with the community, a lot of our productions involve young people, under represented groups and vulnerable individuals. We also like to highlight encouraging stories that can resonate with our audience. Check out our YouTube channel to engage and view our low budget productions, they might not have huge production values but certainly all the films have a story to tell.

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